Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Virtual Office?

Virtual Offices Amsterdam helps you creating a professional corporate image, regardless of the company size. Especially startups benefit enormously from the low costs by using our complete Virtual Office solution in Amsterdam. Astronomical rents for physical office spaces are easily asked for an exclusive location in Amsterdam. Thanks to our full service concept, you only pay a fraction of what the rental costs would be for renting an office, while you still have the same exposure as a professional office in Amsterdam. Can your company survive in the competitive business market without the use of a virtual office at a prestigious address in Amsterdam?

Why should I use a Virtual Office?

Virtual Offices Amsterdam enables companies and owners to fully focus on the growth of the company and other important matters. You no longer have to worry about additional issues. A Virtual Office comes with a very low risk and is the most efficient way to create a corporate image. In addition, it ensures that you no longer need to rent an expensive office or hire people at an A1 location.

What are the benefits of a Virtual office?

It projects professionally. What do potential customers see when they search through Google? Your home address? An industrial area? A postal address? A home address may work when you are just starting your company. As soon as you have a number of clients, it is important to look professional and reliable for your new and larger customers. An office address in the heart of Amsterdam for your website and business cards gives your customers the confidence they are looking for. Advantages of a business address is that you can have your mail sent to this location while there's always someone present - while you focus on more important matters. You benefit from lower overhead costs and business risk. The two largest cost items for startups, and SMEs in general, are rent and staff. A Virtual Office helps you to significantly reduce these two. At a physical office you pay the rent, purchase of the device, service costs for telephone, internet services and monthly user costs. These costs are often very high and therefore take up a large part of your resources, time and money.

What businesses use a Virtual Office?

Virtual Offices Amsterdam works for every company that is looking for a professional and reliable business image while keeping rental and overhead costs low.

What is the cost of a Virtual Office?

Virtual Offices Amsterdam chooses to offer a Full Service package. The best service at the lowest price of € 69 per month. No surprises, no hidden costs. A prestigous business address in the center of Amsterdam, with the best service at the lowest cost. Contact us if you have questions.

How to benefit from our Mail Forwarding Service?

Our Mail Forwarding Service comes with great importance to privacy and discretion, to make it possible for our clients to run their company from anywhere in the world. This way private addresses remain private. All mail received at our location is neatly accepted and will be sorted, bundled and forwarded 3 times per month (max. 1 kilo) to an address you have provided. Of course this can be done more often, and heavy packages are also a possibility. However, this is an additional service and we ask you to contact us if you have any questions about this.

How often is mail being forwarded?

By default the mail is sorted 3 times per month, bundled and forwarded (max 1 kilo) but if you have special wishes we are always ready for you. Everything is possible.

Can I register at the Chamber of Commerce (KVK)?

Being able to register your company at our address in Amsterdam is one of the main reasons choosing for a Virtual Office. So yes, that is absolutely possible.

Why Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is one of the cities in the world to do business from and is seen as the central hub in Europe. The excellent transport facilities and unprecedented style make Amsterdam one of the most attractive business destinations, to live and for companies to settle. Many companies and headquarters are already established in Amsterdam and with a world airport around the corner it is an ideal location for business.